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Signature Home Inspections is led by  a Florida home inspector who strives to provide the best quality inspections and reports. Home inspections are crucial in determining the safety of your home and can help provide peace of mind when purchasing a new house. Additionally, getting a home inspection can help you lower insurance rates, help you sell a house, or ensure you are buying the right house for you.

What We Provide:
A variety of residential and commercial inspection services.
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St. Lucie, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties of Florida.
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Our Services

Signature Home Inspection’s provides a variety of services and is willing to help you decide which is best for you. If you need a service not listed, contact us.

Home Inspections

A complete home inspection looks over all aspects of your home, condo, apartment, or building. This includes looking at the roofing, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, general interior, exterior, building structure, and more. All of which is included in a easy to read report.

Four-Point Inspections

Four Point Inspections look over 4 important aspects of you home:
Electrical Power and Systems

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind mitigation is a necessary inspection as it helps you determine how well your home can hold up in high-wind situations. This is important in Florida as hurricanes that create high wind and toss around flying debris is common.

Drone Photography

See your home or building from the sky. Have a FAA PART107 licensed pilot take high quality images of your roof or home using a aerial drone.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes can be placed on various plots of land and should be checked to ensure they can withstand high winds and are free of structural defects that could harm the homes integrity.

Condos and Apartments

Inspections aren't just for full-size homes, but they can be very useful for condos and apartments. A inspection of a condo and apartment can look at your HVAC, interior, plumbing, appliances, and more.

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